Vlad Dracul Restaurant is located in the heart of the famous medieval burg Sighisoara, near the Clock Tower.


     Our restaurant has a capacity of 120 guests and 70 seats on the terrace. Beside international cuisine specialities, you can enjoy serving romanian traditional cuisine food, such as “Prince Dracula Food” with transilvanian palinka drink.



     During the visit you could be surprised to be greeted by the famous Count Dracula in his house - a house with a great historical significance - to welcome you.


     Prince Vlad Dracul lived in Sighisoara, in the house from the current Museum Market. Evidence of his presence is the famous “Portrait with turban” on the western wall in the room of the restaurant on the first floor. The fresco originally presented four characters, of wich only three are left, including a women, all wearing western clothes and one with a turban. Of the four characters two are the owners of the house and the two important person in the centre of the painting are “the guests”, the person with the turban being Vlad Dracul. In the art critic’s opinion this is the only painting presenting the ruler of Walachia.

      Other evidence of the Vlad Dracul’s presence in Sighisoara between the years 1431-1436 are two letters. The first letter of 1431 demands support from the townspeople of Brasov in his attempt to conquer the throne of Wallachia, mentioning that “...the people of Sighisoara will come with me, too”. The second letter of 1436 is also addresed to the population of Brasov asking for equipment for the minting press: “...the council of Sighisoara have become aware that I want to take the minting press from you”. It is known that in this citadel on the Târnava Mare River, Vlad Dracul minted his silver ducats bearing his emblem: the eagle with cross on the obverse and the dragon on the reverse.

       It is well-known that the famous son of Vlad Dracul, namely Vlad-Tepes Dracula was born and raised here. However, it is less known that the latter owes the name of Dracula to his father. The name of Dracul was bestowed to Vlad, the old voivod, in 1431 when Sigismund of Luxemburg made him member of the Dragon order, hence from the Latin Draco (dragon) the name Dracul was derived.
Even today the name of Dracula arouses strong emotions owing to Bram Stroker’s Novel, Dracula.




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